Two way text messaging

Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, there is something very special about receiving a text message. It is hard to resist the temptation to read the message immediately and it’s only human nature to want to respond straight away.

So consider giving your staff the capability of sending individual and bulk text messages direct from their PC with the GEL System. Whether it is to notify suitable candidates of a new job, remind your temporary staff what time they are due to start or even chase missing timesheets, GEL makes sending AND receiving texts easy. Think of the time it will save, the improved level of service that you could provide and even the money you save on phone bills.

Then, when a reply is sent back, the GEL System will automatically identify the sender from their mobile number. The text message is then logged on their record and the system will raise an alert to the appropriate consultant, detailing the message and making it easier for them to then act on the response.

The GEL System incorporates its own built-in SMS Manager which makes all this possible. You simply need to configure a suitable GSM Modem with a SIM card direct on to your PC or Network and all your staff can benefit from the lowest possible costs and best possible text message handling.